Archangel Metatron
Dictated February 12, 2009

It has become more and more clear that there must be a breakthrough in human consciousness, so that the Angelic realm and the human realm no longer must be so distant. Even your mythology and religion teach you that Angels are “up” and “above” and “in heaven”. While that is a reasonably accurate description of the dimension in which we originate, we are not in a place “away” from you. Our presence can be felt within you, because of the fact that you can move your consciousness from one dimension into another within your own body and consciousness.

Why does communication between us matter? It matters because we are weaving threads of Creation together, forming the tapestry of your reality and to an extent, ours too.

Humans have come to feel distinctly separate from one another, from their Source, from their helpers, and even from the Earth that supports and gives life to their bodies. Were you not so separate-feeling, you would hear the endless singing of all beings, entwined in a choir of celestial harmony. Surprisingly, you are already vibrating out your own spirit’s song in all directions, like the ripples that come from a pebble thrown into a pond. You are singing celestially, but are unable to enjoy your own soul’s song. Your song entwines with that of all being surrounding you… trees, plants, animals, rocks, stars, planets. Some songs resonate with yours and harmonize beautifully. Other beings’ spirits sing a tone that is comparatively dissonant, which creates immediate discomfort and repulsion within your spirit. This does not mean that other being is bad or wrong. It merely guides you towards those who harmonize with your spirit and life path, and guides you away from those whose purpose and path is not in alignment with yours.

By acknowledging your false perception of separation, you take the first step back towards realizing harmony and unity. Use intention to tune in to your own spirit’s resonant song. You may not “hear” or sense it right away, but you can still attune to it. Your inner knowing will guide you gradually towards an understanding of your soul’s song.

It is this song that connects you best with the Angelic realm. Your personality and voice and habits mean little to those Angels who are concerned with overseeing your life. It is the resonance of your Spirit that matters. If your own Spirit sings a different song than your daily life grinds out, it is of concern. That creates disharmony throughout this sector of Creation. When your life actions and your personality’s words align with your Soul’s song, then you come ablaze with spiritual beauty. It is then that your Soul’s purpose is activated.

This entire issue becomes subtler as you come to understand it. There may be months and years of foundational preparation for a purpose to become activated. During the foundational prep period, it may appear that you are out of harmony with your spirit. That is not necessarily the case. Your stumbling through options, making mistakes and correcting course may be how your entire nervous system is setting the patterns to follow in future. Determining “right” and “wrong” becomes subtler and subtler, the more you understand.

Some guideposts, to help you through the maze:
– Love must be singing in your heart, for you to be confident in the “rightness” of your decisions. Universal Unconditional Love does not feel like falling in love with a charming person. It is a potent flow of powerful , joyful life, connected to all and to nothing.

– Realize that you can instigate Universal Unconditional Love in your heart at any moment. It has no relationship to the presence or absence of other people or beings.

– Feel your connection to all Life, either tangibly or using your creative imagination. All life includes people, animals, plants, nature intelligences, guiding beings, and the great Earth herself within the Galaxy of planets, stars and suns. As you are currently grounded in a body on the surface of Earth, it is most helpful to visualize a connection of any sort permanently enmeshing you with the life of the planet. You may choose to perceive grids or crystalline facets or root systems or streamers of light. It would be very accurate to perceive flows of etheric water connecting you. As you approach any being, inert or mobile, make effort to sense some form of interconnectedness with it.

– Ask for help. Your Free Will is paramount. No Angelic being will thwart your free will except in cases of divinely contracted intervention. Your Higher Self will sometimes ordain an intervention. Nearly all the time, it is required that you decide you want help. If you believe it is best for you to struggle alone, then your belief will be honored. If you believe you don’t deserve help because you are too small or bad, your belief will be honored. If you believe there is no helper out there who could know of or value your existence, your belief will be honored. If you believe that, despite everything, there is probably some helping being who would be willing to answer your call, that belief will be honored. If you believe that your spirit may be brighter than you can perceive, it will brighten and that will attract teachers.

– Decide to resonate at a higher frequency. That’s all it takes to begin. Decide to lift your consciousness and explore that part of yourself. That’s all it takes to begin lifting into the higher part of your awareness. Decide to ask for help in learning how to resonate higher and lift your awareness. Continually remind yourself of that decision, and renew your pledge to expand and ground yourself. Asking for help brings teachers your way, from multiple dimensions.

– Choose to serve. Few things attract Angelic attention faster than a heartfelt vow to be of service to Love and Light in some way. You may join an organization – conventional or not – to serve as you wish. You may simply designate yourself to be a Servant of the Divine and a Roving Minister of Love and Peace. Whatever you do in service, move your consciousness gently into each situation. Sometimes the obvious – feeding a hungry person for example – is not true service at all. Tune in to the situation, ask for guidance, and act on your intuitive wisdom. Each circumstance is deep and complex and unique.

There are many realms of Life that are not universally experienced by Humanity. Find your Soul’s light in the center of your heart, and expand that outward, upward, downward until your awareness encompasses a greater slice of Life. Send that Soul’s light pulsing through your expanded self, feeding the new growth in order to stabilize your expansion. Thus does your communication succeed.