Bonnie Willow



I’ve had a lot of healings by various kinds of healers. I’ve never felt much during those healings, or noticed much result. Every time Bonnie does a healing, I really feel it, like energy moving around, and I feel the difference. Like something good happened.”- P.B, Cascade, CO

 “Bonnie is incredible, awesome! She’s very powerful. She’s very good at what she does. Spirit honors her.”- L.C., Writer Colorado Springs, CO 

“She worked on me when my eyes were blurry and hurting, and by the time
she finished they weren’t hurting or blurred any more! They have been fine
ever since.”- C.R. Massage Therapist Colorado Springs, CO

 “Every time Bonnie works on me, it’s like a miracle.”- J.B. Artist New Zealand 

“Omigod!  Wow! Magnificent!, This is true healing. It was very real.  Realer than
most therapies I’ve done.”-  V.M.  Mother, Singer    Portland, OR

“From the moment I met Bonnie, I knew she was truly genuine. Bonnie heals with you in mind; her integrity is always there. Layer after layer she has dissolved years of guilt and shame; evaporating it and lifting me to a higher state of mind. I am most appreciative of Bonnie Willow.”- G.M. Bookkeeper Black Forest, CO

“That was SOME treatment! I feel so calm and grounded. I feel a sense of peace life I haven’t felt in years. There’s no more grieving, just a sense of peace and relief. You’ve helped me at such a critical point in my life! Thank you so much.~ S.K. New Market, MD

“I was floating in ecstasy after our last session. I felt totally whole and complete for days.”~ R.M. Store owner Colorado Springs, CO 

“You have no idea how fantastic your healing work is. My energy field is maintaining itself… more dragging about like I’m half dead!! One more healer on the mend!!~ G.N. Shamanic Healer Boulder, CO

 “My dear sweet healer, thank you so much for the gifts you gave me today! I rarely experience healing so clear, so palpable and so impacting! I am immensely grateful and look forward to doing more.”~ Rev. A.P. Minister, Teacher, Healer Manitou Springs, CO

“I am dragging a bit this afternoon since I did not get to sleep until after 3am.
And it’s all your fault!! There was so much that went on in the session yesterday.
I am still processing. I do so appreciate and honor your willingness to serve as an
instrument of healing and transformation. You are indeed wonderful.”~ Rev. L.P. Minister Colorado Springs, CO

 “This brought me to tears. You know exactly what is wrong with my body. You’ve given me insight and tools that will help me live a better, healthier life. A million times thank you!” ~ S. A. Programmer Colorado

“You are a gift!” ~ M. E. A 3-D Pragmatist, Colorado Springs, CO

“Whatever you’re doing, it’s powerful. I felt wonderful after our session. You
put me back together again!”~ K. M. Therapist/Educator Green Mountain Falls, CO

“It’s amazing how helpful that was!” ~ A.G. Student, Boulder, CO

“I feel brighter, cleaner, better, more alive. That session was really, really, really phenomenal. I can’t thank you enough!” ~ Julia E. Artist, Musician, Sedona AZ 

 “You are really, really good. I’m sending several of my friends to you now.”~ A. Business Owner, Sedona, AZ

“I’ve had so many healing sessions where nothing happened. This was REAL. Your work was focused, sincere, honest and real.”~ R.N. Business Owner Sedona, AZ 

“I can not express to you enough, my admiration and gratitude. My daughter is a whole new person today. The healing she will gain from this is monumental. I weep every time I even think about it. There is no way we can ever thank you enough, you have changed her life for her.”~ G.M. Business Owner Colorado Springs, CO

“You emanate a spiritual quality that is magnificent! It comes through you with a high degree of intensity.”~ C.B. Retired, Manitou Springs, CO 

Thank You isn’t even close to being enough.”~ C.G. Office Manager Woodland Park, CO

“That was the most tangible healing experience I’ve ever had. Every worry I’ve
had, you addressed in words. I feel much better than when I came in.”


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