One day in 2006 I went into the woods near a creek, to one of my favorite spots to bask in the quiet liveliness of nature. I asked of Nature in general what I could do to help. The answer I received was “Speak for us!” Then a crowd of wispy-looking nature spirits, representing a variety of animals and plants, appeared around me. I asked them to say what they wanted to say one at a time, so that I could write it down. They took turns stepping forward and giving me a brief message to pass along to people. Evidently they feel that this will help to bring better understanding between the nature kingdom and humanity. I’m certainly in favor of that.

I use the word “deva” below, to describe the nature spirit representing an entire species. That is a term coined at the Findhorn Garden in Scotland, and also used at Perelandra Nature Research Center. They are two of the rare places where people talk to these beings as I do, so I’ll use their terminology. It is a Sanskrit word meaning “shining one”. That’s accurate.

Here are the messages from animals that I received that day, in the order in which they spoke. They all indicate that there is much more to be said on each topic.

Deva of Toads – “There is a lot to say about the ondition of the polluted water and the consequences to the earth as a whole.”
(So far I have not gone back to the Deva of Toads to ask for the rest of what it would say about the conditions and consequences.)

Deva of Sheep – “For centuries people have completely ignored what the nature of Sheep is, what kind of spirit and gifts and consciousness they have. They have only been viewed as growers of wool.”

Deva of Lions – The Lion deva appeared as a representative for all the big cats. “Lions represent Wisdom, Knowing, Real Understanding. Their numbers are diminishing radically. Their presence will be even more greatly diminished in the coming years. Stand for them, remember their vibration, to help increase their presence in the world. They have been capable of overrunning the world with lions as humans have overrun it, but they were not willing to do so. Their presence represents balance of wisdom within power.”

Deva of Fishes – This deva appeared as one large fish made up of lots of smaller fish of varying kinds. “The fish provide an important service in the world. Their constant swimming keeps the world’s energies from becoming stagnant. They do this within the ocean, but the connectedness of all life makes it so that their work benefits all life. Then one species on the planet, one out of billions of species, starts catching hundreds of millions of fish, all to be fed to just one species. There is no regard for the work and gift the fishes provide for the world. The harvesting of masses of fish is harming all of us, and is lessening their work of breaking up stagnant energy blockages. People are now more blocked.”

Deva of Elephants – A huge elelphant deva appeared. All of us are asked to speak for the Elephants, as beings who could be friends of the humans. “They live so very much like how we live. They are very intelligent, their social groups are similar. They are builders like humans are builders. We could have stayed in friendlly communication with Elehants, and they would have helped up build our cities, side by side. The structures would have been very different, with input from the Elephants. The resultant society would have been a lot more healhty and balanced, for all species.”

Deva of Zebras – I felt a wave of powerful emotions from the Zebra deva, but not specific words. A feeling of outrage over injustice. A sense of the Zebra saying “It’s not right.” Humans have a lack of appreciation for the true nature and life concerns of the zebra and other wild animals. Sorrow, anger over injustice to Zebras and other species being run out of their home habitat, and anger over their being harassed and sometimes abused. Great awareness and compassion for the lives and plights of wild animal. That is the nature of the Zebra.

Deva of Giraffes – “Know who you are. Know your heart. Come see us to get more insight into the nature of your own being. We can help you understand. Our gift is to help you enter into wisdom. We do that with many. We are built for that purpose. Let us help.”

Deva of Shelled Underwater Mollusks: “There is danger in the way humans approach water. It’s all one being, not separate bodies. Water has one consciousness. Your thoughts affect all water, even here in this moment. Your gathered thunderous thoughts are harsh for those who live within water. Very harsh and hard to survive. Please soften and clarify your random thoughts and your directed thoughts. The water is right within you. It is what conducts thoughts in your brain straight to the rest of the body of water. As many of you become softer in your thoughts, the pounding on our energy becomes less. Thank you for helping.”

Deva of Horses – “You and we have lived and worked together a long time as neighbors. We love one another as family. Don’t lose your childhood admiration of our strength, awareness and freedom. Cherish those places where you understand us. You’ll benefit from keeping a line of consciousness open between us. We have a greater part to play in the next chapter of life on Earth that we’re moving into. There is much more to say, which we will say over the course of time. For now, we encourage your admiration of our traits.”