There are human souls who have completed their work on Earth and ascended to higher planes of existence.

Some of these beings have taken a vow to stay within the Earth plane and serve, rather than moving on altogether. They are determined to help everyone else on Earth to rise in consciousness and development, so we can all move onward and upward. Some call these beings who have stayed to help us Boddhisattvas. Some call them Ascended Masters. They have been given the name Great White Brotherhood, which refers to the white light they emanate, and to the loving collective nature of them. Because that name seems very outdated in today’s world, some call them theBrotherhood of Light. Because there are as many woman as here are men, it would be more accurate to call the The Family of Light,as some do.

Many of you reading this have spirit guides who are Ascended Masters, who are part of the Family of Light. Some of these beings have chosen to take incarnation in a body at this time, to help with the great awakening into higher consciousness that we are now undergoing. As such, they have also gone through the Veil of Forgetfulness that we all go through during birth. Some have reawakened, and some have not, but all are doing their work on the inner planes, bringing that higher vibration into this plane of existence as they live.
I first encountered Ascended Masters at age 22, when they suddenly appeared all around and within me. I was with some friends having a very deep spiritual conversation, attempting to understand Life. They spoke to me, and through me to my friends. They called themselves The Great White Brotherhood at that time, which I thought was an awful name. Years later I was shocked to see a book by that title, bought it, and learned more about them. Some what is written about them doesn’t match my experience… everyone has their own experience, and I prefer to stick with my own. I find them all to be radiant with love, full of laughter and humor, profoundly wise, laser-like in focus, and perpetually willing to do anything to help us develop. They are equally unwilling to do our work for us! They will help us find our way and make wise choices, but they won’t tell us the road to take or the choice to make, because that would rob us of our free will and creativity.

My primary guide John is one of the Ascended Masters. I am grateful for his help. The guide who helps me with my writing, Bartholomew, is also an Ascended Master. Many of my closest guides – about a dozen of them – are Ascended Masters, both male and female. If they choose to dictate public messages one day, then I will mention them by name.