Elementals are beings that contain the intelligence and life force
of the elements: earth, air, fire and water.
Throughout history, the following names
have been asssigned to these elementals:

EARTH: gnomes
AIR: sylphs
FIRE: salamanders
WATER: undines

In different countries, other names may be used.

They fall into the general category of Nature Spirits, because they support aspects of Nature,
in the same way that Guardian Angels support the life of Humans.

Elementals differ from Nature Spirits
in that they support the elements,
whereas Nature Spirits support the plants, trees, animals, fish, etc.

The differences primarily lie within our labels.
We label the various aspects of life within Nature so that
we can better understand the world of Nature.
Within the kingdom of Nature itself,
they don’t divide Life up with labels the way we do.