October 2, 2008

My question:  I worry about our immediate future.  Society seems
to be breaking down, especially with the U.S. presidential election

Reply from Spirit Guide John:  So dream something different.
You’re being encouraged (by the ones in places of power) to imagine
fearful scenarios in your future.  You are being manipulated to clearly
imagine ways those scenarios will affect you.  Don’t comply!  Dream
something different.  The human power of creative manifestation is
the very reason you’re being encouraged to envision these destructive
scenarios.  You are joining in the group nightmare, adding your power
of creative manifestation to it, for their benefit.

Please withdraw your compliance with and acceptance of this
nightmare.  Dream another dream!  What would you rather be seeing,
hearing, feeling, doing today? And tomorrow?  What are the sounds,
smells, textures of the most beautiful turn of events you can envision?
Now is the time to pour your creative power into imagining all that
could go RIGHT.  How might politics give you a pleasant surprise?
or religious organizations, or agricultural systems?  How might the
social behavior on TV shows and in movies change, to your delight?
How might your neighbors begin interacting with you in a wonderfully
surprising way?  And prison systems, children’s education, the arts,
and human interactions with nature?

Rising consciousness must necessarily become more refined as it
progresses.  Where you have felt that you focus on the positive, be
brave enough to look into the shadows.  Don’t you have some
assumptions of negative consequences that you hadn’t even

Please don’t give up.  Your vision and emotional impetus is needed!
Every individual is already contributing something.  Examine what
you may be adding to the collective consciousness, unwittingly.
Conviction in the hopelessness of the political process?  A disgust
towards humanity?  The desire to hide?  A vague sense of frustrated

Re-dream what you find in the shadows.  You can do that!  You do it
all the time.  Change the ending, in your mind’s eye, to help offset
others’ fear.  As of this minute, change your expectations.  Imagine
yourself as a being whose creative input tips the scales towards the
Light.  Perhaps imagine yourself as THE one last person needed,
whose input gives just enough weight to tip the scales back to balance,
health and peace for all life.

Now imagine yourself as that one last person needed, and imagine
yourself NOT aiming your thoughts and emotions towards the positive.
Imagine yourself being the ONE who is so vitally needed, and deciding
to give up because it seems hopeless.

You matter!  Your life matters so much more than you imagine.  Please
decide to imagine yourself as being a key player in life.  For a moment,
that may seem egocentric.  But on examination, it seems more and
more right.  If you are not a key player in the world as you perceive it,
that means you’ve agreed to let others shape your destiny.

Time to rescind that permission!

Plant your spirit into the ground right where you stand, and declare
that your beautiful creative intentions SHALL be added to the
collective human vision, to help steer things back onto a healthy track.

In the name of Truth, Wisdom and Light, dedicate yourself to
embodying Love, and that will be contribution enough.

copyright 2008  Bonnie Willow