MESSAGE from my primary guide, JOHN

I have a spirit guide named John who works with me daily.  Sometimes he has messages that are to be shared with others. Here is one that I just transcribed. I hope you enjoy the message as much as I do.

Hello.  I understand your life feels increasingly pressured, with no clear explanation for that development.  These times of unquantifiable change are expected to result in odd sensations of discomfort and crowding.

You have been praying for unity within humankind, and also between humankind and nature, and between humankind and higher Spirit.  Your intentions are coming into materialization, of course, as you are all co-creators of this world.

Realize, then, what you are feeling via this newly unified consciousness.

Firstly, you feel the presence of many billions of other humans.  Since your childhood years, humanity has more than doubled its population, but the Earth hasn’t changed its size.  You feel the crowding of your species all around you.

Secondly, you share emotions.  All humanity drinks from one well, now.  All emotions are shared to varying extents.  When foreign-feeling emotions emerge and confuse you, you are being called to release them from the collective.  Rather than define yourself by these emotions, instead just identify and release them back into Light.  Working as a steam valve works, you are being invited to release the chaotic excess of emotions.  Release your share, and the world’s angst is lightened by that much.

What would you like to give back to the collective well of human emotions?  Righteous anger over the state of the world?  Consider whether or not that would be helpful.  Generosity?  Forgiveness?  Possibly more helpful emotions.

So many people experience a lack of resources in their lives, that those who have abundance are called on to send emotions of generosity.  Despite your individual troubles, do you who are reading this feel more prosperous than a family of 6 living in a cardboard box or a tent?  If so, you are being called to feel and encourage and project emotions of abundant generosity.  There’s no need to “send” these emotions, now that humanity is connected in unity. Simply feel it, and it’s added to the stew.

Read this once again, and the understanding will go deeper within you.  You are being called to add your finest emotional states to the collective when you feel stable, and to release chaotic emotion from the human collective when you feel unstable.

The greatest service many be the simplest.

May blessings of gratitude fill your day,