One day in 2006 I went into the woods near a creek, to one of my favorite spots to bask in the quiet liveliness of nature. I asked of Nature in general what I could do to help. The answer I received was “Speak for us!” Then a crowd of wispy-looking nature spirits, representing a variety of animals and plants, appeared around me. I asked them to say what they wanted to say one at a time, so that I could write it down. They took turns stepping forward and giving me a brief message to pass along to people. Evidently they feel that this will help to bring better understanding between the nature kingdom and humanity. I’m certainly in favor of that.

I use the word “deva” below, to describe the nature spirit representing an entire species. That is a term coined at the Findhorn Garden in Scotland, and also used at Perelandra Nature Research Center. They are two of the rare places where people talk to these beings as I do, so I’ll use their terminology. It is a Sanskrit word meaning “shining one”. That’s accurate.

Here are the messages from plants that I received that day, in the order in which they spoke. They all indicate that there is much more to be said on each topic.

Deva of Oak Trees – Carry an acorn if you want to communicate with them, in the back of your mind.

Deva of Kouri Trees (huge, ancient trees in New Zealand) – They showed themselves in their full, tall, imposing magnificence. “Remember that about us, how magnificent we are. Send that awareness throughout the world, so our influence will affect the whole planet more effectively.”

Deva of Redwoods – “We are leaving. Please remember our vibrational resonance when we are gone. Some will die in the water, some will die on the land. We are only moing out of earth, but the universe at large will still contain the same quantity of presence. There will be no shortage of Redwood essence except on earth. You can help us by resonating with our vibration and speaking for our presence here, when we are gone.”

Deva of Willow Trees – “We are staying. Please speak for the whole family of willow trees, cottonwoods, aspens and the rest. We are motherly – fatherly protective, sheltering beings.”

Deva of Lilac Bushes – “When difficulties weigh you down, get upliftment from my wood and fragrance. We lilacs are among the few who do receive appreciation from people. That has helped our fragrance to remain sweet.”

Deva of Grasses – “People are not appreciating what we can do within a geographic region. Our life is for more than decoration. The many grasses that are killed or pulled out each year are useful – they have a purpose! The balance of all nature requires the presence of each element of that landscape. We ask that you reconsider next time you see a variety of grasses or feel tempted to kill some. Each kind matters to the health of the whole ecosystem. Please be aware of what cushions your steps and what grows around and between your structures. Perhaps your structures have been built around and between a vast stretch of family land claimed for centuries by wild grasses. The stragglers you see may in fact be strong but tired survivors remaining to represent their lost ancestors. You – your awareness – can strengthen our position by acknowledging our place and what we add to the cleanliness of the air. YOU can help us.”

Deva of Mountains (all mountains of all kinds) – “We bring people a sacred place where they can ascend in peace and get a broader view. Human destructors have found a way to destract pepole from that purpose, and refocus attention on greed and competition s, on the mountainsides. Help us return to our true status as sacred sites of inspiration for all life.”